Sustainability Swedencare


Swedencare’s ambition is for sustainability to be a natural part of our entire business. For us, sustainability means that we take long-term responsibility for the environmental, social and economic impact that our operations have on our planet. We are working to implement a structure that ensures that we reduce our impact as much as possible.

Our focus areas

Responsible control

Swedencare’s operations must be run responsibly and with respect for customers, colleagues, environment and society at the same time as we set requirements against our partners and suppliers.

Our colleagues are our greatest asset

Committed colleagues create sustainability.

Sustainable value chain from producer and product to end customer

We must reduce our impact on the environment and the climate.

Sustainability Governance

Management has the overall responsibility for Swedencare’s sustainability focus and the ongoing sustainability work. In addition to the legal requirements, the board and management work together to implement guidelines for how the company acts as a responsible employer and company. The parent company, Swedencare AB, is responsible for the development of a framework for sustainability at group level through policies and governance documents. We have developed a:

  • Sustainability policy that gives guidance for colleagues and subsidiaries within the group about how sustainability work should be run and which values are important
  • Code of conduct for our employees in the group that provides guiding principles regarding ethics, anti-corruption, human rights as well as social and environmental responsibility
  • Code of conduct for suppliers that places clear requirements on human rights, working environment and climate impact

Swedencare Sustainability policy
Swedencare Code of Coduct Employee
Swedencare Code of Coduct Supplier

Global Goals

Our sustainability work has a clear basis in the global development goals adopted by the General Assembly of the UN with the objective of achieving a better and more sustainable future for everyone by 2030. We have chosen to focus on the five goals that we believe that we as producers of healthcare products for pets have a direct or indirect effect on and that can affect the developments across the whole value chain; equality, decent working conditions and economic growth, sustainable consumption and production; combat climate change and protection of ocean and marine resources.

We contribute to a more equal society

Swedencare contributes to a more equal society by actively working for increased diversity, inclusivity and equality. Equality concerns a fair distribution of power, influence and resources, which is a prerequisite for sustainable development. We support women by sponsoring organizations that aim to both reward excellence and inspire young women in the industry. One of these organizations is Feather in Her Cap, which was created to recognise women who are making a big impact in the animal health industry. Today, Swedencare consists of 52% men and 48% women.


Promote good health and safety

Motivated colleagues are our greatest asset, we work to continuously improve work on working environment issues to promote good health and safety. We conduct employee surveys that include all employees in the Group. The analysis is a key component of our commitment to understanding and improving the working environment for our employees. We are a flexible company, adapted to the new working life. We strengthen local communities where our production facilities are located by being an active local employer, where our staff and sub-contractors are from the local area. That is positive for the locality and local business.

We choose sustainable solutions & options

Swedencare wants to increase the sustainability performance across the entire product life cycle to reduce our climate and environmental impact. We work to ensure that our suppliers implement active sustainability work in line with the company’s Code of Conduct for suppliers. We work actively with our packaging and use renewable materials where possible.


Reduce carbon footprint

As a producer, we have an extra responsibility to take action to reduce our negative impact on the climate and the environment. We work actively to reduce the carbon footprint from freight transport and energy consumption. We reduce the amount of packaging material in freight transport and rationalise our deliveries. We collect and analyse the Group’s energy consumption and work with mapping the energy sources used. In 2023, we invested in continuing to convert our fleet of industrial trucks from fossil-fuelled to electric. Now 66% of our industrial trucks are electric. Swedencare strives to reduce electrical consumption and increase the proportion of renewable energy used in the Group.

We protect the ocean

Protecting the sea and marine resources is particularly close to our hearts because the raw material for our original product, ProDen PlaqueOff®, is sustainably harvested off the coast of Norway and in the Arctic circle, in one of the cleanest places on earth. Other products in the Group also use raw materials from the seas. We make sure that these are sustainably sourced. One example is our brand, NaturVet®, which was certified by Friend of the Sea, a project of the World Sustainability Organization. For us, it is important that the entire process of producing the raw material and the production of our products has a minimal climate impact.


2023 in brief

In 2023, the sustainability work has meant that:

Corporate governance

• We have developed and implemented a sustainability policy that states the basic principles that characterise our operations and relations with the outside world. The policy also gives guidance for colleagues and subsidiaries within the group about how sustainability work should be run and which values are governing.

• We have worked with the materiality analysis where we have gone through the most important sustainability priorities. The materiality analysis will be the basis for the areas where data will be collected, analysed and reported.

• We have implemented a sustainability platform, the purpose of which is to collect and analyse data from the entire Group. Relevant KPIs to measure and monitor our sustainability performance have been carefully selected. By tracking these KPIs, we can objectively evaluate our progress and make informed decisions to further optimise our ecological footprint.

• We have received certification as a ‘Nasdaq ESG Transparency Partner’ from Nasdaq for our commitment to market transparency and higher environmental standards. The certification includes an associated badge and highlights our role in promoting sustainable business principles.

• We have begun the process of developing a succession plan, the purpose of which is to manage any leadership transitions and ensure continuity. The long-term success of the group is closely tied to the ability to identify and develop talent, as well as ensure a smooth transition of leadership when needed.

Environmental and climate impact

• We have done a life cycle assessment (LCA) of ProDen PlaqueOff 60g, which is one of our main selling products. At the beginning of 2024, we will identify measures to reduce our climate footprint, which we will implement continuously in 2024 and beyond. We will continue to do LCA for selected group products on an ongoing basis.

• We work to reduce the group’s water consumption by finding alternative environmentally friendly solutions. We have introduced a new cleaning process for the vessels in one of our production facilities, which means lower water consumption.

• We have continued the conversion of our industrial truck fleet to electric, and have gone from 63% to 66% electric in 2023. We have purchased five new machines in 2023 and all of these are electrically powered.

• We are affiliated with FTI AB (Förpacknings- och Tidningsinsamlingen), a Swedish nationwide collection system for packaging. This means that we fulfill our producer responsibility and co-pay for the public recycling stations where you can leave our cardboard and packaging materials.

• Our brand, NaturVet®, was certified by Friend of the Sea, a project of the World Sustainability Organization for the certification of sustainable shellfish, fish and aquatic products.

  • Health, safety and ethics

    • We have updated and implemented our Code of Conduct for employees, which sets out guiding principles regarding ethics, anti-corruption, human rights, and social and environmental responsibility.

    • We have launched a whistleblower service to catch early warning signs and thereby reduce risks. It is an important tool for promoting high ethical standards and maintaining a high level of trust in us as a company.

    • Motivated colleagues are our greatest asset, we work to continuously improve work on working environment issues to promote good health and safety. In 2023, we developed an employee survey that was sent to all employees within the Group. The survey was analysed and presented during the year. The survey showed a high value on both employee satisfaction and willingness to recommend Swedencare as a workplace. This analysis has been a key component of our commitment to understanding and improving the working environment for our employees. By identifying strengths and areas that need development, we can focus on creating an even more rewarding and productive workplace. Furthermore, we have also actively followed up on the results by implementing measures and initiatives aimed at addressing the specific areas that need improvement.

    • We have developed and implemented a new Code of Conduct for suppliers that sets clear requirements regarding human rights, working environment and climate impact. We will be working with our suppliers to ensure that they follow our code of conduct, or have their own code of conduct and an active sustainability work that fulfills Swedencare’s ambitions. Work to follow up and evaluate our suppliers is ongoing.

    Social engagement

    • Our sustainability work is based on the UN’s global goals, which is why we have contributed by donating to the UN organization.

    • We sponsor Feather in Her Cap, an organization that recognises the contribution to pet health made by women.

    • The severe flooding that hit the Emilia Romagna region of Italy also affected many shelters for dogs and cats, which are in need of help. In partnership with a local rescue association, we organised two collection points to collect useful items such as blankets and pet food that we have donated to the affected shelters.

    • We sponsored the LaStrabassotti Walking Race, a non-competitive walking race, to raise donations for a charity dedicated to saving Dachshund dogs. During the year, we have also sponsored the Humane Society Petswalk/Run where Swedencare products were distributed to all participants.

    • We have donated to the Déise Animal Sanctuary where many dogs, cats and horses will receive specialised nutritional support from our donation this winter.

    • We have once again sponsored the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor Summit, which is a hub of innovation for animal health.

    • We have published a digital Advent calendar, a charity initiative to promote adoptions and improve the quality of life for many dogs in need of protection. For every 100 calendars that are filled in, we remotely adopt one of the dogs in the calendar for one year.

The way forward 2024

In 2024, Swedencare will continue to focus on analysing the results of the data collection from the entire group, as well as stakeholder dialogues with our suppliers and partners to know what impact our operations have on all areas under ESRS – Social engagement, corporate governance and the environment/climate. When the analysis is completed we will have a complete image of the company’s existing climate footprint which will be the starting point for our concrete sustainability goals.

We will focus on:

• Continued work on the development of our sustainability strategy by integrating it with our business strategies

• Review and quality assurance of our sustainability processes to ensure that all activities within the Group are in line with our sustainability policies

• Continued active implementation of stakeholder dialogues with a focus on sustainability issues

• Continued implementation of Life Cycle Assessments on key products to assess and minimise their climate and environmental impact and to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation

• Ongoing collection of sustainability data from the entire Group

• Regular employee surveys

• Continue the work on succession planning to secure sustainable career paths and inclusive development opportunities.

Whistleblower function

Our whistleblower service exists to pick up early warning signals and thereby reduce risks. It is an important tool for promoting high ethical standards and maintaining a high level of trust in us as a company, visit our whistleblowing channel here.