Our Guarantee

Manufacturer guarantee

*Only items bought directly from SwedencareUSA or an Authorized Distributor or Retailer
specifically authorized in writing by SwedencareUSA are covered by this policy.

Standard return for credit

Products eligible for return:

  • Products purchased directly by you from SwedencareUSA or an Authorized Distributor or Retail Store.
  • All original packaging and all other items originally included with the product must be returned.
  • Products that are not eligible for return are:
    – Any product not purchased from SwedencareUSA or an Authorized Distributor or Retailer
    – Any product without a valid, readable lot number, including but not limited to products with
    missing, damaged, altered, or otherwise unreadable lot numbers
    – Any product that is returned without all original packaging
    – Any product from which the UPC code has been removed from its packaging

Defective/damaged product return policy

SwedencareUSA stands behind the products we represent with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
A full credit or replacement will be issued if the customer is not 100% satisfied.

Shipping damages and discrepancies

All incorrectly shipped or short shipped product issues will be resolved as soon as possible.

Return a Swedencare USA product

All returns should be made to the direct location or provider the product was purchased from.
If the product was purchased from an Authorized Distributor then the return should be made to that Authorized Distributor.
Purchasers should follow the return policies of the Authorized Distributor if purchased from one.

Contact SwedencareUSA by phone or email for instructions on how to return a product purchased directly from SwedencareUSA.