New ProDen PlaqueOff® product alert!

Swedencare USA is pleased to announce the newest addition to the ProDen PlaqueOff® family- the ProDen PlaqueOff System™ Holistic Soft Bites for dogs and cats.

ProDen PlaqueOff System™ Holistic Soft Bites have the unique kelp ingredient A.N ProDen™, which is based on a sea kelp from the North Atlantic outside the coast of Norway, beyond the Arctic Circle, one of the purest habitats on the planet. The kelp is harvested following a strict process to preserve its quality, with tools and technologies that maintain and sustain the environment.

Just like our other products in the ProDen PlaqueOff® range, Holistic Soft Bites help reduce plaque, tartar, and bad breath. Our natural sea kelp works with the pet’s body where it helps prevent new plaque from forming and softens existing tartar when used as directed.

Stay tuned for our newest addition to our ProDen PlaqueOff® range!

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